Heart Attack Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment

Heart Attack Causes

The heart attack is a serious medical condition in which blood circulation is suddenly decreased or stopped, it usually occurs by a blood clot, causing damage to heart muscle.

The heart is responsible for pumping the blood to all the parts of the body. Some people do not know that the heart also needs blood for itself and the coronary arteries fulfill the blood requirement of heart muscles.

Sometimes a cholesterol plaque forms on the side of the artery reducing blood flow, if part of that plaque breaks through into the artery platelets, it creates a blood clot that further reduces or blocks blood flow. The blockage in the artery prevents blood from reaching the part of the heart muscle, without blood

the muscle is starved for oxygen causing damage to the heart muscle and the heart attack occurs because the damaged heart can no longer pump properly.

The other causes of the heart attack are:

Heart Attack Symptoms

The major symptoms that help to determine whether someone is having a heart attack are:

  • Chest pain (tightness in the center of chest)
  • Breath shortness
  • Irregular pulse
  • An overwhelming (anxiousness)
  • Uncomfortable feeling
  • Pain traveling in shoulder, arms, jaw, neck, abdomen, and back
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Sweating
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Coughing or wheezing

Heart Attack Treatment

If a person has had a heart attack these instructions should be followed:

  • Do not spread panic
  • Call an ambulance
  • Instruct casualty to stay calm
  • Reduce pressure on the heart
  • Avoid unnecessary strain
  • Monitor the breathing of the casualty all the times
  • Do not block the oxygen by gathering around the patient
  • Aspirin 300mg makes the blood thin and restores the supply of blood (if available and the patient is not allergic to it he should slowly chew and then swallow it)

Heart Attack Treatment In 60 Seconds

Cayenne pepper and capsicum prevent the physical process of tumors caused by tobacco and related results are seen in patients diagnosed with liver cancer. It helps in the treatment of stomach diseases, migraines, flu symptoms, allergies, obesity, and toothache.

The cayenne pepper increases the heart rate and carries blood to all parts of the body. That makes it very effective for heart problems, if patient with heart attack is conscious and breathing, give him mixture of one teaspoon of cayenne pepper and a glass of warm water, if the casualty is not conscious then put few drops of cayenne pepper extract under the tongue and the magic of cayenne pepper will appear in just 60 seconds.

Dr. Christopher an American herbalist has never lost a patient to a heart attack in his 35-year career. He gives a cup of cayenne pepper tea (a teaspoon to a cup of water) to patients who are still conscious after a minute they are all alive and safe.