President’s Day-Washington’s Day (2018)

What Is President‘s Day?

President’s Day, also known as Washington’s Birthday and Washington and Lincoln’s Birthday is celebrated on third Monday of January every year as a federal holiday. On this day the service and piece of work of all past presidents are admired including George Washington, the first president of United States.

Americans remember Washington as a strong leader, committed to democracy with a strong belief that democracy was the feasible way to govern the growing country. Various communities in the USA observe President’s Day by staging pageants and re-enactments of important milestones in Washington’s life.


When Is President‘s Day Celebrated

The President’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of each year, Washington’s Birthday is actually on February 22nd. However, all former presidents and George Washington is honoured on Presidents Day along with Abraham Lincoln who was also born in February.

Number Day Date Year Description
1 Monday 17 February 2020 President's Day
2 Monday 18 February 2019 President's Day
3 Monday 19 February 2018 President's Day
4 Monday 20 February 2017 President's Day
5 Monday 15 February 2016 President's Day
6 Monday 16 February 2015 President's Day
7 Monday 17 February 2014 President's Day
8 Monday 18 February 2013 President's Day

History Of Washington’s Day

George Washington, also known as Father Of The Country was the first President of United States, he was born on 22 February 1732 in Virginia. The implementation of the federal holiday to honour the president was introduced in the year 1879 by an Act of Congress. In 1885 it was expanded and all the federal offices were included. The first celebration to honour the US president was made on his actual birthday, 22 February. The federal holiday was then shifted to the third Monday of February on 1st January 1971.

Washington was a natural leader, helpful in creating a united nation out of a conglomeration of troubled colonies and territories. The first military experience of Washington came during the French and Indian war. The battle between the colonies of British America and new France which eventually was intensified into the Intercontinental conflict known as French and Indian war. This war gave the future president valuable exposure to British military tactics that proved priceless in the revolution of America.

The dominated colonies by the King George III (England) started to protest for their freedom, the Boston Tea Party in 1773 sparked the American revolution as the colonial upraised against unfair taxes. Washington led his armies against England and the colonies won this battle after eight years. New laws for the country were written into the Constitution. According to these laws, a person was required to lead the country as a President and George Washington was the most suitable person for this seat. He agreed to serve the Nation as the first President of America.

Washington was a reluctant leader but he accepted two terms as president. The image of Washington is printed on the one-dollar bill and the quarter-dollar coin. The capital of the country, important places, and some universities are named after him, which shows the love of the nation for their leader.